7 Mind-Blowing Ramona Flowers Hair Colors : Our Latest Faves!

Halloween is about aloft us, and as the less-organized amid us blitz to adjudge on Halloween apparel (and complete them!) ComicsAlliance will be presenting tutorials on how to accomplish apparel for some of the best accepted banana book Halloween costumes, starting today with one of the best fashionable ladies from one of the best accepted comics of the year: Ramona Flowers of Scott Pilgrim.

mixing it up… | the mane loves..
mixing it up… | the mane loves.. | ramona flowers hair colors

We’ve brought in cosplay able Bethany Fong to adviser you through the action of authoritative a Ramona Flowers costume, explained step-by-step afterwards the jump.

Step 1: Do you apperceive this one babe with beard like this?


One of Ramona’s best notable appearance were her adventurous ever-changing hairstyles throughout the series, accurately her bob with the continued tendrils. To get this look, Cosplay.com absolutely has a alternative of wigs that challenge this style, in aphotic blue, ablaze blue, and pink. Since Ramona’s best acclaimed for alternating amid a adumbration of aqua/teal and magenta, the closing two wigs can be calmly redyed with Sharpies.

Another beard band-aid is to acquirement a simple dejected or amethyst bob wig from your bounded apparel boutique and get analogous beard extensions (Hot Topic has a abundant affordable alternative of colors and lengths) to blow into the wig itself; the breadth of the beard extensions should end in amid your button and your amateur (feel chargeless to trim the extensions if necessary). And if neither of those options are accomplishing it for you, you can consistently bleach, dye (Manic Panic hairdye in Atomic Turquoise or New Rose), and cut your beard accordingly. Just be abiding to accompany an absolute analogy of Ramona Flowers to the beautician and not Scott’s awkward author of Ramona’s hair.

Step 2: The Wardrobe

Be bold: Ramona Flowers is my idol, my ever changing hair colour ..
Be bold: Ramona Flowers is my idol, my ever changing hair colour .. | ramona flowers hair colors

While Ramona’s apparel seems rather all-encompassing because her abounding accouterments changes, she has a consistently audible style. Ramona’s apparel generally accommodate swatches of dejected and/or pink, which alike altogether with her hair. Despite her arbitrary appearance sense, Ramona’s appearance faculty is comprised of a lot of basics that absolutely accomplish her appearance rather accessible to emulate, so actuality are a few apparel essentials that you can clue bottomward to put calm your own Ramona ensemble from either your closet or at your bounded mall:

— Tops: Aside from a few printed acme and a Merge Records shirt, Ramona usually coordinates and layers basal acme in adventurous colors, which you can calmly acquisition at the mall. This blush top from Forever 21 is absolute if you’re attractive to charm Ramona’s accouterments on the awning of Scott Pilgrim Gets It Calm (undoubtedly her best acclaim outfit). And for those of you who are attractive for a added abstruse Ramona look, you can grab a apparent bodice and book “HIPSTER” beyond the chest (as apparent in Volume 6).

— Shorts: (as apparent in Volume 4 and 5): Ramona varies amid rollerderby-esque active shorts (American Apparel or Forever 21) and short-shorts in adventurous colors. Brace up the active shorts with knee socks, and alike the short-shorts with blurred tights (Target and Forever 21 both accept a abundant alternative of colors).

— Outerwear: The layering in Ramona’s apparel is both anatomic and fashionable, abnormally during the algid Fall weather. To accumulate balmy on your way to one of Julie Powers’ affair parties, attending out for awakening clue jackets (American Apparel), adventurous hoodies (American Apparel), and circumscribed motorcycle jackets (Forever 21).

Step 3: Accessories

Ramona Flowers vs
Ramona Flowers vs | ramona flowers hair colors

Gallery Of 7 Mind-Blowing Ramona Flowers Hair Colors : Our Latest Faves!

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